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"100% Property Management Any Time, Any Place”

At we offer a no-nonsense, professional property management service you can trust. Residential property management is ALL WE DO! All our experienced Property Managers have full accountability for their work; as owner operators, if they make a mistake, it affects them too, so they are constantly striving to stay ahead of the rest.

What makes us Different for other New Zealand property managers?

We charge a single fee for service, offer a money back guarantee, and are largely property managers who own and operate their own business. We focus on managing our clients' properties to ensure minimal expenditure and maximum returns.

New Zealand Property Management Services and Rentals

From the Blog:

Do You Realise What Your Property is Worth in Today’s Market?

Sales values have moved rapidly in recent times. Not knowing the value of your investment property could be costing you money and the opportunity to expand your property investment portfolio. Are you aware of the equity that you have in your investment property which you might be able to use to buy another property (notwithstanding the new LVR … Read More...

Dealing with disputes at the end of a tenancy

Although every effort is made to ensure that the rental property is returned in reasonably clean condition and damage free, there will be the rare occasion that disputes occur at the end of a tenancy. Our's rigorous process and inspections at the commencement of a tenancy will ensure that the vast majority of tenancies end with bonds … Read More...

Meth … the ongoing battle

Shocking stories of methamphetamine contamination of rental properties have once again been in the media this month. Uncertainty continues to prevail around levels of contamination that represent a health risk, testing standards adopted and the level of remediation required. Fortunately progress is being made towards agreeing and implementing … Read More...

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