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"100% Property Management Any Time, Any Place”

At we offer a no-nonsense, professional property management service you can trust. Residential property management is ALL WE DO! All our experienced Property Managers have full accountability for their work; as owner operators, if they make a mistake, it affects them too, so they are constantly striving to stay ahead of the rest.

What makes us Different for other New Zealand property managers?

We charge a single fee for service, offer a money back guarantee, and are largely property managers who own and operate their own business. We focus on managing our clients' properties to ensure minimal expenditure and maximum returns.

New Zealand Property Management Services and Rentals

From the Blog:

Being Lease Compliant – It’s About Minimising Risk

Upon entering into a new lease agreement, your property manager will need to ensure that your lease complies with current legislation that affects all rental properties. In today’s leasing environment there are a raft of compliance issues that need to be addressed before entering into a lease agreement, some of which have not affected lease … Read More...

New Financial Year Resolutions for Property Investors

With one month already down for 2017 it makes good sense to action some new financial year resolutions to improve and enhance the performance of your investment property. Take time to review the past rental year for each of your properties.  Did you have a vacancy? If so how long was the property vacant and did you get a rent increase and secure a … Read More...

What Happens when your Tenant gives Notice to Vacate

Should your tenant want to vacate, we ensure firstly that the required notice to vacate is given. We also ask the reason for them vacating.  Upon notice being received we will contact you to advise of the tenant’s vacate date and to seek your reletting instructions. During this conversation we will advise you of the suggested market rent, … Read More...

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