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New Zealand Property Management Services and Rentals

From the Blog:

Landlord Insurance: why you need it

Being a landlord in New Plymouth, Taranaki can be expensive and it is always tempting to see if you can save money. One item that many landlords believe that they do not need is landlord insurance. The landlord often believes that they do not need landlord insurance for items such as missed rent. This is why I have a property manager isn’t … Read More...

How to Choose a Property Manager

When selecting the right property manager in Nelson Bays, it is important you consider these factors... Will the property manager: Accurately appraise your rental property to quickly rent your property to quality tenants and keep your vacancy period to a minimum? Understand the importance of ensuring the presentation of the property is … Read More...

‘Reasonably clean’ and understanding the Gap!

When it comes to a property being presented to a new tenant, or a tenant vacating a property, it is a legislative requirement the property be ‘reasonably clean’. So what is ‘reasonable’? This term can be hard to define but can be seen as what a reasonable person would agree as being generally clean. We do find the members who oversee … Read More...

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